Wild Circle Retreats

Spring, Summer and Autumn 2019

All the work we are doing at The Wild Circle is about change and regeneration. It seems necessary and natural. But it is gradual. We have some gentle shifts to make. Shifts that start within us before they can ripple out into our broader lives.

The Retreats are a softening process, a chance to become more receptive and more sensitised to the natural cycles and rhythms of nature. Western culture has been building barricades against nature for centuries. On retreat we start to take down the barricades and let nature in again. We can then start to re-kindle the relationships that have sustained and renewed us for thousands of years.

Perhaps it’s time to turn off the lights and reset the clocks…..these retreats are about finding ways of doing this, of tapping into old rhythms, of waking up. In Nature. They are more than a digital detox. Circular patterns and cycles are radical. They are revolutions with the energy to change things. They help find ways of “unfolding the creases” so we can slow down, listen and let wildness back into our souls.


Weekend Retreats

Two night Retreats for people who are exploring nature connection for the first time, who may not have done much camping or sleeping under the stars.

4 Night Retreats

Four night Retreats for people who are looking to deepen their experience of nature connection including a dawn to dusk solo on Bodmin Moor.