For thousands of years human beings have followed natural rhythms, felt the phases of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tides, and the annual migrations of the birds and animals.

These rhythms are ingrained deep in our psyche, our survival depended on them and they helped us stay connected to eachother and to the earth.


But our awareness has become dull and our responses slow. It is as if we have fallen out of love with the Earth, and become sleepwalkers in our own electric dream.

Sometimes we catch glimpses of the old spirit inside us , while sitting around a campfire perhaps, or watching the waves break on the beach. It is not so deeply buried. It was not so long ago.

The Wild Circle Project explores circular patterns and natural rhythms to help uncover our wilder selves. It is inspired by 25 years working closely with the land, working with the seasons, making, shaping, and playing. It also draws on other nature connection practices - bushcraft, nature awareness and the work of Natural Change, Way of Nature, the Art of Mentoring and countless inspiring speakers, writers, poets, and artists.